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Our manufacturing facility recently hosted a OHSA Onsite visitor.  After some research, I learned 5 the most common Signs which help to keep us all safe!

  1. Exit and Evacuation Signs – emergency exits and evacuation pathways need to be clearly marked. Hallways and doorways that can be confused for exits should be marked as NOT AN EXIT.
  2. Fire Safety Signs – Fire equipment like extinguishers, fire alarms and fire hose cabinets should be identified with a sign.
  3. Electrical Hazard Signs –Signs which indicate high voltage make safer work spaces for areas close to electrical equipment.
  4. First Aid  – First aid supplies and equipment should be flagged by a sign for visibility.
  5. Flammable/Combustible Signs – Signs on containers with combustible or flammable liquids, vapors, or materials are necessary.

To make a facility easier to navigate, Equipment, Wayfaring, and Directional Signs are also recommended.  To learn more about OHSA sign requirements go to To learn more about office signs email


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