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Many organizations have decided to make their workplace and campus “Smoke Free”.  Although employers know this is best, it can be challenging.Most people are aware of the dangers of smoking – they don’t need a lecture. Restricting people from a habit, like smoking, has negative connotations.  What if we flip the card?  Highlighting the positive aspects of the policy may make it more palatable to people. These are a few tips to make the transition easier.

  • Call it a Smoke Free Workplace.  Don’t define it with words like “No Smoking” or “Not Allowed”.  Semantics can change people’s attitudes.  It’s a simple way to create positivity.
  • Use Visuals – Signs- that are pleasing, not punishing.  Although there are some requirements for signage, all the signage doesn’t need to be harsh.
  • Communicate by explaining the benefits of a Smoke Free workplace. Statements like “We care about your health and your coworkers health” are positive.  Statements like “Don’t smoke because it’s bad for you” are very negative.
  • Offer information about Smoking Cessation programs. Have your Health Insurance Representative, or a Health organization speak to your employees.  Sometimes hearing the facts from an authority can help.


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