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Recognition Wall

In todays’ world, we hear much about gratitude –“ the quality of being thankful and the readiness to show appreciation and return kindness.” For many Nonprofits, Health Care Facilities and Educational Institutions, saying thank you entails creating a display to showcase gratitude.  In addition to honoring generosity, Donor walls build a legacy and inspire future giving. Here are some points to remember, when creating a display:  

  • Tell a story.  Today’s recognition displays don’t simply list donors, they honor the heritage of the organization. Timelines and photos can help tell the tale. 
  • Coordinate with the current interior of the space.  A recognition display can both stand out and harmonize to be effective. Choose colors and materials which bring together the theme. 

  • If appropriate, plan for future giving.  A recognition wall may need to be amended over time.  It may be necessary to have additional pieces produced for the future. 
  • Consider a personalized gift for the Donor or family of the donor. The gift gives them a “piece” of the display as a remembrance. 


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