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Directional Signs

As a ADA Sign Contractor, we are asked about compliance requirements for building renovations. The general excerpt from ADA Standards ,Section 202.1, states:

“Additions and alterations undertaken at existing facilities are covered by the ADA Standards. The extent of application is largely determined by a project’s scope of work as the standards apply to those elements or spaces that are altered or added. Additional requirements apply to projects that affect or could affect the usability of, or access to, an area containing a primary function.” 

In simple terms, if the building is changed or altered, the ADA standards apply. There are exceptions. Details of the section can be viewed HERE. ADA standards include the types and placement of Signage. Older buildings may not have signs that are accessible for Visually Impaired individuals. All Signage in public spaces needs to meet specific standards for specifics, such as, Font, Spacing, Tactile Lettering and Braille. In addition, installation requirements also apply. For more information regarding ADA Signage, contact your Architect, General Contractor or Signage Contractor.


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