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Akrondigigroup (2)When Akron Digital Academy moved to its new location in Akron, Ohio there were many challenges. One such challenge was how to rebrand the facility from a religious building to an educational institution.  Dominic Donatelli, Director of Operations indicated that the “… goal of redesigning this building was to give it a more professional feel.” Basic updates like paint and furniture offered some obvious change. Donatelli also recognized the need for wayfaring signage to help with the functionality of the building. As the sign supplier, we understood the visual communication needed to “look good”, but it also needed to comply with the ADA (American Disabilities Act) standards. (More information about ADA Standards)

For us, the challenge is to offer both! After a few fact finding meetings, we offered a few different designs, color combinations and substrates. After a few versions, the team came up with signs that showcased the Akron Digital “brand” and offered ADA compliance. The brand’s logo and colors were used in various ways to delineate administration areas, elementary versus high school areas, and other spaces such as auditoriums and computer labs. The facility now has “quality ADA compliant signs, with our branding” says Donatelli.

Other considerations included the “where and how” of sign installation. To help with this process, a printed installation guide is included with the signs. The guide explains where the signs needed to be placed to adhere to ADA standards. For example, signs need to be installed at a specific height and side of the door.

Attaching the signs can also be tricky. In Akron Digital’s building there were several different wall types – marble, concrete, and drywall. Generally, until the exact position of installation is determined, the “way” to install the signs is not clear. Some signs are hung with screws, some with adhesives, and some with Velcro. The end result was a professional look and a functional ADA compliant environment.   Are you considering a change and have questions regarding the complexities of ADA compliance? For more information contact or visit