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Labels are everywhere in packaging– on bags, boxes, cans, bottles, jars, equipment… A label is one of the most efficient ways to define a product. Labels are versatile in material, color and design. But all labels are not created equal, and not all labels fit all applications. Let’s review two of the most popular types of label in respect to “how they’re made”.

  1. Flexographic labels

Flexographic labels are an adaptable label solution that can be used on a variety of packages. They can be printed on a wide variety of materials, including plastics/polypropylene, metal films, and papers.

Uses for flexographic labels

You can find flexographic labels on just about any type of product. They’re widely used for a variety of consumer package goods because they’re economical with large runs, they can be printed on non-porous materials, and they’re great for printing large areas of a solid color. Their versatility makes them a good option for tags, flexible packaging and pouches.


Flexographic labels provide rapid speed at reasonable cost with design flexibility. If you need large quantities of labels ASAP, flexographic presses can achieve quick line speeds because the labels are fed in using rolls. Particularly for large orders on short lead times, they’re a great value.

  1. Digital labels

Digital labels are made using cutting-edge digital printing technology.

Uses for Digital Labels

Digital labels, as with Flexographic labels, are used for many types of packaging. They are great for small quantity testing of new products and/or seasonal packaging.


Digital labels provide excellent resolution for minute details and small print. As well as sharpness and clarity of images. Turnarounds are quick and efficient for shorter print runs. The latest digital technologies offer great consistency for each label, and photo quality imaging. Digital Labels are best for print runs with differing designs and sequencing runs.

Which is Best?

There isn’t really a better choice in regard to quality of label. Determine the number of labels needed, the turnaround time, the design, and the variations needed.

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