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The term Wayfinding is a term often used interchangeably with Signage. Basically, it’s “How” we direct someone to a destination in a building or area. For architects, designers and builders it’s important to a successful project. Whether it’s a new building, an addition to a existing building, or a repurpose of a building, the objective is to get the visitor from the door to the destination. Sounds easy, right? Well, for those of us who have been to a poorly marked building, we realize, good planning is necessary. Several elements need to come together to make a successful Wayfinding system – the “what” of Wayfinding include three basic elements.

  1. The sign needs to be functional. It needs to guide a visitor through the building, to the destination, and back to an exit. The best signs are consistent throughout the building. Using the same colors and shapes is one way to achieve consistency.
  2. The sign must be ADA compliant. Whether it contains letters, pictograms and/or braille. It must offer the correct contrast, be made of compliant materials and be installed correctly. For more information about ADA regulations read “Shedding Light on ADA Regulations”.
  3. The sign should be aesthetically pleasing. Today’s ADA signs can fit the building design. The Architect, Designer and Sign Supplier can collaborate to marry function and design.


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