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As a designer and maker of business signs that meant looking at the materials we
use, and determine if we could integrate more recycled and reusable. Interestingly, this meant going back to some tried and true options – wood and metal. And cutting down on materials used.

So, what is sustainable design?  Simply put it’s design that offers “responsible interaction with the environment to avoid depletion or degradation of natural resources and allow for long-term environmental quality.”

We began designing Signs using wood and metal sheeting, metal frames, wood plaques, and metal lettering.  We tested and
produced ADA/Braille Signage using UV Print technology with wood and metal. We produced Awards and Recognition displays combining natural materials and recycled, locally sourced acrylics to achieve the aesthetics and sustainability goals.

In addition we produce Office Signs ,that traditionally have used 2-3 layers of materials, that use one layer of material. Our process can produce raised print, Braille and even design textures in one step on layer of material.

Here’s a few more ideas… By using cut aluminum lettering we upgraded the look and environmental impact. Another trick was to use recycled materials to create an impactful design.


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