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 How do you recognize your staff?  One study* indicates    companies with effective employee recognition programs have a 31% lower voluntary turnover than those without. The same research found that organizations that recognize employees have better employee engagement, productivity and customer service than organizations that do not. These results are not surprising, as most of us want positive feedback. Wages, income and salaries are considered “earned” and are not a form of recognition. Recognition is something above and beyond what is expected.

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Here are few points to consider when setting up your employee recognition program.

  1. Be specific. In other words, don’t just say “Thanks”. Recognize a particular act or event. For example, recognizing an employee who was given praise from a customer for solving a problem.
  2. Be consistent. Set up a system that recognizes your staff often.
  3. Be visible. Recognition is better if it is done in the presence of other employees. Some find making it a part of their weekly staff meeting works well. Encourage your staff to tell stories about their peers’ good work.

In addition, make recognition coincide with your company goals and values. For example, if you have a employees who reach service milestones, it makes sense to recognize them. Finally, make your efforts remain long after the “meeting” by offering a tangible, visible symbol of recognition. Something as simple as an employee service board  will add a lasting reminder for all your staff.

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