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Mold Inserts

Excelsior Tire mold plugs, slugs, inserts and housings; Blank or engraved;  Machined out of aluminum or steel.  Inserts, mold plugs, slugs, and/or housings are used to interchange information



Inserts can be blank or engraved, and made out of aluminum or steel.


Housings are made out of steel and can be heat treated. Housings are used as a “Receiver” to accept interchangeable inserts to protect the integrity of a machine part, and since this too is interchangeable it to can be replaced if damaged.

Pocket Plates

Pocket plates of all types and sizes can be provided as a finished, profiled and engraved plate; a contoured plate to within tight tolerances; or as a blank. They can be made in either aluminum or steel and are used for the availability of interchangeable information.

Sandwich-Style Plates

Sandwich-style (SPP) is a three-part pocket plate which is separated to add shim stock for extra growth in the thickness so a pocket plate can be adjusted to the mold’s slot depth and for re-contouring. They can be made out of either aluminum or steel.


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