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Hand Held PrintersREINER-940_2-e1456418971473The ability to identify a product with a specific mark or brand has become increasingly important. Marking allows quick asset identification, as well as, provides brand awareness. Businesses needing to mark products and/or assets, generally ask for faster, more reliable methods.

In the marking industry, Hand Held Ink Jet printing is the trend. The printers are light weight and durable.  The portable printers are designed for industrial and office use. Today’s inks generally work on most substrates. There are several types and styles to choose from; gun styles, table top and even pen types,  Hand held Printing has some definite advantages to  labeling, rubber stamping, stenciling and hot branding.The marks tend to be more consistent, and the process is more efficient. 

Hand held printers are used in offices, warehousing, packaging, construction, and lumber. They are helpful when you need to quickly change copy. Printers are battery powered, wireless and programmed on a desk top or lap top computer. Once programmed, they can be used within various distances.

Customers comment that the printers provide a clearer, more consistent marking. They can be programmed with company logos, safety symbols, dates, counters’, and various other marks and messages. As with most new processes and technology, there is a learning curve. Generally, after some training
, customers are very happy with the printers. The investment saves time and money!