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Engraved Rock Box

As a manufacturing company, we aren’t generally thought of by the Artists’ Community.  This changed several months ago when we received a call, from a local exhibit company. The caller noted that he was looking for a local machine shop which offers industrial engraving. He proceeded by saying “I found you on Google”.  This is a good thing because our Machine Shop offers industrial engraving– we machine custom metal parts and engrave steel tire molds.   The project involved machine engraving 3’x3’ steel panels to be used on very large speakers – yes stereo speakers.  Although not a normal request, our very astute sales person pressed on.

The caller explained, he worked for a local exhibit company which was building the speakers for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio!  The panels, designed by a locRock Boxal artist, were to be engraved with the names of Hall of Fame inductees.

DSCN1351This is when the astute salesperson did what salespeople do – said “YES we can do that!” What she was really saying was “Yes, we want to be a part of that”. After our Machine Shop Manager got up off the floor, he also said “Yes we want to be a part of this”.  After several meetings, conversations, emails, design tweaks… the project moved forward.  In a few short months, we had engraved and delivered 30 panels.  The panels were then coated, painted DSCN1350and installed.  The target date coincided with this summer’s Republican National Convention.

We would like to thank, and acknowledge, our partners CEI of Canal Fulton and Land Studios for this opportunity.

Katie Sutter is Co-Owner of Excelsior Marking of Akron, Ohio.