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Lumber Stamps

Solutions for lumber marking

Lumber Stamps

An economical solution to lumber marking.

Excelsior offers custom rubber stamps for all Lumber Marking needs. Whether you need self-inking or a traditional stamp and pad. Ask our Customer Service Representatives which option is best for you.

Self-Inking Stamps

Heavy duty self-inking stamps are used for a multitude of lumber-marking applications: logos, lumber sizes, pallet sizes, and IPPC markings. Self-inking stamps offer the advantages of simplicity, ease of use and durability.

Roll Coders

Roll coders print product information, expiration dates and date/batch codes on your product. Each model mounts vertically or horizontally on your production line to mark the side, top, or bottom of the product. Top-mounted coders are best for continuous web printing on plastic films and side-mounted models are particularly well-suited for installation on carton sealing machinery.

X – Out Stamps

A product unique to Excelsior, our ‘X-Out’ stamp is perfect for covering up a previous marking for repaired pallets and wood packaging without the hassle or expense of cover-up paint. Our ‘X-Out’ stamp comes as a rolling stamp or branding die; it also comes in a kit including the roller stamp and inks.

Inks & Pads

Inks are a critical part of the marking process; you need to have the right accessories. Our refills come in many different sizes and colors. It is important to use the right type of ink for your stamp. Be sure to download and read the Care & Maintenance document and call us with your questions. Inks for porous and non porous surfaces, self-inkers, pre-inked, rubber stamps or special applications.

We recommend that you contact us to discuss the application, method of marking, and drying time to ensure that you are using the suitable product and ink pad.


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