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Lumber Marking

Save you time and keep your production process moving

Excelsior Lumber Marking Solutions

Professional Lumber/Pallet marking systems from Excelsior save you time and keep your production process moving! With more than 100 years of marking experience, Excelsior is your “go to” resource for all your lumber/pallet identification needs. As members of the NWPCA and NHLA, we have access to the latest news and information on the regulations and requirements for pallet id. Our Customer Service Representatives work closely with you, and your certifying agency, to develop the most effective identification system based on your unique needs.


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“Our Excelsior Marking Handjet EBS 250 has given us the ability to quickly mark our pallet and crating products with very little effort.  Changeover time is quick and easy allowing us to mark multiple product part numbers at the same time.  Markings are clean and clear, showing the professional look our customer base now demands.”
The tool is great can’t say anything but good things about it.  We will be in the market for another shortly.”

PJ Shaughnessy

Progress Pallet