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A product Code or Mark is a unique identifier, assigned to each finished/manufactured item. Today, most, if not all, manufactured products require some type of identifying code, mark or tag. Whether it’s an official government requirement, to keep track of inventory or simply to identify an asset. Sounds simple, but depending on the product, it can be challenging. Here are 4 questions to ask for better product Coding, Marking or Tagging.

  1.  What needs to be marked, coded or tagged? It’s important to know the type of product substrate the code/mark/tag will be applied. Is the product plastic, wood, metal or other? This will help determine which marking method is best – print, stamp, tag… Which method will provide long lasting results? It is also important to know if there are any special marking regulations for the product. Are there size requirements? Does the mark need to be etched into the item…
  2. Where should the Code, Mark or tag be applied. Do you need to code/mark the outside, inside, top or bottom of the product? This can be very important for display and inventory control purposes.
  3. How is the code, mark or tag going to applied? Are the items used indoors or outdoors? Does the mark need to be engraved, stamped, branded, labeled or printed?
  4. 4. When does the code, mark, or tag need to be added – before, during, or after production. This is important when planning the production process. Do the parts need to be marked before or after assembly?

For more information about Marking/Coding/Tagging products ask the experts a Excelsior Marking.


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