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The last couple of conversations I’ve had with customers  I was asked the same question “Is there an easy way to update and coordinate our Office Signage to reflect my company Brand?” The reason for the question is evident as I look down the hallways. There are signs of all sizes, colors, fonts, and materials. You can literally date the signs based on how they are made. The 1970’s Peel and Stick lettered signs; the 1980’s plastic wood grains, the 1990’s two color acrylic… It would overwhelm even the most energetic facilities manager. In addition, most signs from these era’s were not reflective of a company’s Brand. My answer is simple, “Update them one hall at a time.”.

Of course it’s not that easy. Here are a few tips to get you started.

  1. Write it down! A simple “ Sign Design Guide” distributed to all potential sign buyers in your company. Include exact colors, materials, logos, sizes, and any other details you deem significant. Even a small company can define colors, logos and materials. Larger businesses will include more detail. Starting here is very important. It’s like the primer when painting. Skip this step and the project will fail long term.
  1. Prioritize your needs. I suggest starting at the front door. Generally this is where you get the most exposure. This is the publics’ first impression of your business- make it your best! Next move to the lobby area, hallways, and conference rooms. The idea is to coordinate the signage in the areas where your customers will visit.
  1. Set a budget and project timeline. Your Sign supplier can help you with this. Signs come in many sizes, shapes, colors, and prices. Be clear with your supplier, and they should accommodate.
  1. Also rely on your sign company to keep you compliant with ADA requirements. Don’t forget about legal requirements such as colors, contrast, braille, installation…

Start with these few steps, and you will be on your way to updated, cohesive, signage that reflects your Brand. Need more information about updating signs? Contact me at