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Flexo Print Preparation

Raster Image Processing (RIP) software supports the creation of high quality files and films that maximize material efficiencies

Flexo Print Preparation

Within the pre-press phase, Raster Image Processing (RIP) software supports the creation of high quality files and films that maximize material efficiencies. It is during this time that Excelsior pre-press specialists incorporate step and repeat patterns, bearer bars, distortion factors, and any custom marks or plate scribes that the client specifies. We also factor in dot gain compensation, linearization and trapping specifications.

File Management

Accurate pre-press file management is critical to the successful production of any print project. Take advantage of our secure, dedicated FileShare site for quick and effective transfer of information right from your desk. The preflight process will ensure there are no problems that may prevent a file from imaging as desired, such as missing links or fonts.

Our streamlined digital capabilities allow us to accept files from any source, platform and software configuration and generate ready-for-press digital files. We will archive projects for you and allow you fast, efficient access when needed.

Package Layout

One of the most important things to keep in mind when designing a flexible package is its unique shape. With the package layout experts at Excelsior, we help you determine areas of maximum impact, text direction, how to work around seals, zippers, notches and other construction elements.

Color Management

The Excelsior pre-press team specializes in flexographic image reproduction. The data from an extensive press characterization is scanned into our state-of-the-art color management system to help ensure color accuracy on press. We understand the importance of maintaining and calibrating equipment regularly and following industry best practices and process to enable compliance to specified standards and control limits.

Graphic & Creative Design

The design team at Excelsior is well versed in the factors that contribute to a successful flexographic printing experience. While many of the recent improvements in flexoprinting have expanded its capabilities, there are specific factors that need to be understood when designing graphics for this process.

  • Dot gain – especially its impact on drop shadows and soft gradients, blends, and vignettes
  • Line weight, type sizes and traps – minimum line weights and type sizes need to be considered and traps are often heavier than other printing process
  • Registration – limitations may dictate the use of outlines around reverse copy and graphics on backgrounds made from more than one color

Excelsior can review or help develop your package and label designs to ensure success on the press.

Press Side Support

Press side support or press characterization is the process of defining the capabilities and requirements for a printing process under a defined set of conditions. Excelsior uses this information to determine what is required to optimize the results of the process. This is a critical component of good production process control typically saving you time, reducing material costs and increasing the predictability of your results.


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