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You don’t always see the words “manufacturing” and “charitable” in the same sentence.  Some think of manufacturing companies’ as impersonal, work horses. You may think of  a large, cold, warehouse type building cranking out metal parts.   However,  the workers, in this building live in the community, have families with children.  They attend local schools and churches, and play in the parks.  So, of course, they care about the community, and want to give back.   So how do we “manufacture a charitable organization”? Here are a few ideas:

  1. Start small.  One small, easy idea is to organize a canned food drive at Thanksgiving.  Post a flyer with a collection box near the time clock for a few weeks before the holiday.  Most churches will accept the donation.
  2. Choose one organization to help.  Ask employees if they have a cause they currently volunteer with.
  3. Engage your employees. Organize a competition for departments.  Winners win nominal prizes or accolades.
  4. Offer “in kind donations” of products you manufacture.  My company manufactures Industrial Tags, so we made Dog Tags to donate to the Humane Society.
  5. Be consistent, not overbearing.  Keep collections and/or donations to 2-3 per year.

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